Dinner and show flamenco

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Come, dance and have a good time with us

Flamenco demonstration, live show, discovery of flamenco fashion, culture and art while eating the best gastronomy in Barcelona.


STARTER: Mix Salad
Salad, tomatoe, onions and with extra-virgin olive oil

MAIN COURSE: Seafood Paella
Short-grain rice (certified Valencian “Bomba” rice), calamari, clams, mussels and prawns, cooked with a “sofrito” (tomato ans vegetable-based sauce) and fish stock.

DESERT: Seasonal fruits
Seasonal fresh fruits salad

DRINKS: Red or white wine, and an espresso coffe.

+ Show flamenco

The Flamenco is a traditional Andalusian music style. It is characterised by the expressiveness of singing and danse. Thanks to our show you will see the passion of the flamenco and discover why the danse is known all around the world.

69 € / person

* The flamenco show dinner will take place in the restaurant Los Gomez located in the centre of Barcelona in Urquinaona place (plaza Urquinaona 14), just near to the Catalonia place (plaza Catalunya).

* The price includes the diner and the show. The diner contains red and white wines, starter, main course, desert and coffee.

or call +34 934 879 597

Taste, tradition y pleasure

It's an explosion of tastes in each recipe inspired by the most profound spanish tradition. Our intenses and gererous flavours will wake up the most refined palates by ofering new gustatory experiences.

* this option is only available in the restaurant Los Gómez

next to the Catalan place

Los Gómez Restaurant