Delicious menu with a spectacular seafood paella

Ensalada andaluza + Paella de Marisco + Frutas de temporada + copa de vino tinto o blanco + café expreso

Detailed explanation of the menu for groups COSTA DEL SOL

21,10 € / PERS: 

Andalusian “remojón” salad / Salad with crumbled cod fillet, chopped oranges, cooked potatoes, hard-boiled aggs, olives, tender onions, all dressed with extra-virgin olive oil.
Seafood Paella / Short-grain rice (certified Valencian “Bomba” rice), calamari, clams, mussels and prawns, cooked with a “sofrito” (tomato ans vegetable-based sauce) and fish stock.
Seasonal fruits / Seasonal fresh fruits salad

Drinks / a glass of red or white wine & express coffe

21,10 € / person

Minimum group 10 people

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* By booking you accept the conditions indicated on this page

CONDITIONS you should read before booking this menu

For group meals, keep in mind that it must be the same for all diners and for at least 10 people.

In order to guarantee the quality of the service, the choice of the menu (after confirming availability and reservation) must be communicated at least 72 hours before the date of the meal. In principle, certain exceptions will be accepted for vegetarians, allergies, etc.

The number of cutlery will have to be confirmed, at the latest, on the eve of the meal, and this will be the number taken into account as the basis for billing.

Your reservation will be considered final once you have paid in full before the date of the meal. Otherwise, the restaurant reserves the right to cancel your reservation.

Any cancellation must be communicated 72 hours before the reservation date.

For all those reservations not canceled, if the group does not show up on the given day, the menus must be paid. However, if a cancellation has been carried out within the given time, the given signal will be fully reimbursed.

In case the number of participants exceeds the announced number, we will try to welcome the additional participants in the best conditions without guaranteeing the availability of additional seats or the selected menu.

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